Liquid sealing Multiseal 30E 1L

  • Liquid sealing Multiseal 30E 1L

Liquid sealing Multiseal 30E 1L

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MULTISEAL Heat 30E Liquid sealing for heating systems with gas boilers with fluid loss of up to 30L per 24 hours. Espicially well suited for press fittings. NB!: The product must remain in the system after sealing. Not suited for district heating systems.

MULTISEAL is a liquid sealant which is added directly to the water in a closed heating system for sealing off hidden leaks. MULTISEAL is available in different product varieties attuned to the environment where a leak has to be sealed. MULTISEAL for heating can be used in connection with district heating systems, all heating systems with heaters with oil burner or fuel boilers - espicially useable in connection with floor heating systems but the product is effective as a sealant for all hidden leaks.

Country of origin: Denmark