Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

1.1. UAB Ina ensures the security of your personal data in accordance with the directives of the Republic of Lithuania Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Valstybės žinios, 2003, No. 15–597). Your data will be stored and not transffered to third parties unless necessary to properly fulfill your order. 

1.2. If the customer wishes to get newsletters from Ina, the possibility to choose whether or not to receive them is granted. 

1.3. A cookie is a small text file sent to the device of each person visiting the site, which connects to the site and temporarily stored on that device. The information collected on the cookie site helps to identify a visitor to the site, save the history of the visit and then apply content that improves the site's functionality.

1.4. When ordering goods at the online store, the customer must provide the data necessary for the delivery of the goods: name, address, telephone number and other necessary data. Ina UAB confirms and ensures that the given data will be used only for the purpose of ordering and delivering goods. We undertake not to disclose this information to third parties other than our partners who provide goods delivery and other services related to the ordering of goods, as this information is necessary to fulfill your order and deliver the goods. In all other cases, any personal data of the Client may be disclosed to third parties only in cases provided for in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

1.5. When ordering goods at, the customer undertakes to store, not to reveal his/her login data to anyone. In addition, the Customer confirms that he is an adult and has the right to order goods in our online store. If the Customer disclose his/her login details, UAB Ina is released from any liability related to that.